• Belgian pralines

Discover the Hamlet praline collections here and learn more about our various types of packaging. 
Every package contains several pralines, in several designs.


All of Hamlet’s pralines are made with genuine Belgian chocolate combined with an exquisite selection of delicious fillings. How about white chocolate with a mild coffee-flavoured fondant cream filling, dark chocolate with a caramel-ganache filling or even milk chocolate with a delicious hazelnut filling? Find out more about all of our delicious products here.


A distinguished milk chocolate shell, as crisp as a diamond, delicately finished with a delicious, smooth caramel filling.

Cupid serves up the deliciously seductive, tempting flavour of a rich pistachio filling beautifully contrasted with the sweetly smooth white chocolate. The best thing about temptation is giving in, so what are you waiting for...?

A praline truly worthy of bearing this regal title: the exclusive milk chocolate, made from carefully selected cacao beans, is royally filled with a soft vanilla filling. Did you know that an orchid is responsible for the vanilla flavour of this praline?

A pearl of a praline. White chocolate, softly sweet, combined with the fresh, spring flavour of ripe strawberries. But a single pearl on your necklace is just so blasé... Dare to be decadent.

Nothing is more delicious than the divine combination of a bold, bitter dark chocolate and the mild citrus flavour of a smooth chocolate mousse, enhanced with slightly exotic hints of succulent orange.

A powerful praline in which all the rich flavours of milk chocolate and dark chocolate harmonise with the bitter, bold flavour of a delicious cup of freshly brewed espresso.

A praline that tastes as good as it looks; refined, elegant, distinguished, with a rich hazelnut cream filling (35% hazelnuts) that is carefully protected by a crisp layer of milk chocolate that has just the right thickness.

If you have to disappear into the Bermuda Triangle, then hopefully you’ll at least have a large supply of these pralines, deliciously combining milk and dark chocolate and enhanced with a rich hazelnut cream filling.

The daredevil of pralines, for the daredevil in you that understands the art of enjoyment; a full-bodied dark chocolate shell filled with surprisingly bitter, bold mousse.

Amandino, the epitome of softness. A rich, attractive combination of white and milk chocolate with an incredibly soft, mild milk chocolate mousse.

A crunchy milk chocolate shell, made of carefully selected cocoa varieties. Bite into it to discover the deliciously unctuous super-soft hazelnut cream filling (35% hazelnut). 

A mild-flavoured, deliciously refreshing sweet raspberry filling in a shell of delicious white chocolate that is sweet, but never too sweet.

Semi-sweet milk chocolate with a delicious hazelnut cream filling (35% hazelnut).

Deliciously sweet white chocolate, which contrasts beautifully with the bold fondant cream filling and its slightly bitter coffee flavour.

A soft ganache with bitter-sweet orange flavours, in a dark chocolate shell, made of carefully selected cocoa varieties.

A striking chocolate, in which the subtle contrasts of milk and dark chocolate are combined with a soft hazelnut cream filling (35% hazelnut).

A classic crunchy milk chocolate praline, with a rich soft hazelnut cream filling (35% hazelnut)

A prestigious name for an equally prestigious chocolate. Deliciously simple; pure hazelnut cream (35% hazelnut) in a milk and dark chocolate shell.

A powerful dark chocolate praline, with a compelling caramel-ganache filling.

A surprising combination of white chocolate and milk chocolate. Conceals a heart of soft hazelnut cream.